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Provo Bike Service & Repair

Best in Utah!

As a family business founded in 1982, we set out to offer the fastest, best priced, and highest quality of service in Utah County! We have compared all of our competitors and NONE of them offer faster service, better prices or higher quality than what we offer  here at Taylor's Bike Shop!

Free Safety Inspection & Service Quotes

We are giving away FREE Bicycle Safety Inspections! 

*Insurance quotes not included*

Need A Part Warrantied?

If your bicycle has components that are in need of a warranty replacement, Taylor's can assist you. 

We Service All Bicycle Brands & Types

We’ll keep your bike in tip-top shape. Our skilled technicians service all types & brands of bicycles. From a department store bike to a pro racer, we do it all! Since 1982 we have serviced most every bicycle brand!

~ There is a lot to know about a bicycle and other cycling gear! There are no dumb questions; the only bad question is one that is never asked, so if you have ANY questions feel free to give us a call or text us @ 801-377-8044. Or Stop By! ~

When, What, & Why Service?


Much like your car needs an oil change to keep it running, a bicycle needs frequent service to keep it working in top performance and to extend the life of the bicycle & its parts. It's amazing how much better your bike will work when keeping it properly serviced! Follow the list below to help increase the life & performance of your bicycle!

Before Each Ride:

  • Inflate Tires to Recommend PSI
  • Check Brakes
  • Check Stem Bolts
  • Lube Chain (after 50 miles of riding or every wet ride)
  • Clean Drive Train (after every 100 miles of riding)


  • Check Wheel True
  • Gears & Brakes Serviced (as needed)

Yearly (each spring):

  • Get a Tune Up (our premium tune up is recommended)
  • Cables & Housing Replaced
  • Bleed Brakes
  • Shock Seal Service every 50 hours of use, or yearly; whichever comes first)
  • Have Bearings Checked/Serviced


Professional Tune Up Packages

Youth Tune Up


*Bikes Without Gears*

Tighten All Bolts

Lube Chain

Adjust All Bearings

Adjust Brakes & Resurface Pads

Complete Wheel True

Complete Tune Up


Adjust Brakes & Gears

True Rotors

All Bolts Torqued To Spec

4 Point Bearing Adjustments

Spot True Wheels

Quality Control Test Ride

*Additional Cost For Brake Bleeds

Deluxe Tune Up


Complete Tune Up Plus:

Lube All The Cables

Resurface Brake Pads

Complete Wheel True

*Additional Cost For Brake Bleeds

Premium Tune Up


Deluxe Tune Up Plus:

  • Replace Both Tubes (or add tubeless sealant)
  • Replaces All Cables & Housing*
  • Bleed Brakes (fluid & disposal included)
  • Wipe Down Frame

*Additional cost for internal cables.

*Dropper post cable not included

Pro Overhaul Tune Up


Premium Tune Up Plus:

  • Install All Parts
  • Install All Accessories
  • Drive Train Cleaning
  • Overhaul All Bearings*

*O'Haul Parts Not Included

(One - Two Days)

`A-La-Carte Service

Give us a call for service not listed! *Does not include parts or other related labor*


More Info


Flat Tire Prevention!GUARANTEED Flat Repairs For 5 YEARS!$50-$60 
Install Single Tube/Tire$8
Single Brake Adjustment*Brake Bleed Not Included*$15
Single Gear Adjustment$15
Single Wheel True$10-$25
Single Hydraulic Brake Bleed & Adjustment*Half OFF with Tune Up. Fluid & Disposal Included*$25
Bearing Overhaul$20-$25
Single Tubeless Tire Set Up$25
Shock/Fork Seal Service(One - Two Days) "Taylor's & Fox recommends that the minimum suspension fork and shock seal service is after 50 hours of riding, or yearly, whichever comes first." *We service, Fox, Rock Shocks, SR Suntor, among others. If you don't see your brand here give us a call!*$45
Bike Assembly/BuildDeluxe Tune Up Included. *Price is subject to change depending on the bicycle and it's needs.$60-$130*
Box BikeNeed to ship a bike? We've got you covered from boxing up the bike to having it shipped! The shipping process is HARD on your bike so we package it to meet UPS & FEDEX requirements!$50
Other ServicesDon't see what you are looking for please give us a call or shoot us a text @ 801-377-8044. We are a Full Service Shop and offer all of your Bicycle Service Needs!

Bring in your bike for service today.